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Web Sites
Tag Cloud Generator - MakeCloud
MakeCloud simplifies the process of adding a cloud to any web page. Give it an RSS feed, and it makes a link cloud that summarizes the contents of the feed, and provides code to embded the cloud anywere.

RSS Feed Maker - FeedMarklet
FeedMarklet instantly creates an RSS feed and a browser button. You can click the browser button to add whatever page you are currently reading to the feed. It makes it faster and easier to save links, because you do not have to interupt your browsing flow to go to a different website, and it automatically extracts information to save you the effort of entering it manually.

Flash Games Directory - FlashGameALot
Play flash games online at FlashGameALot, a simple source for fun games of all types: Action, Acrcade, Puzzle, Adventure, Sports, and More. Game Developers- It's fast to add your games, and we share ad revenue 50-50!

Video Lecture Database
Video Lecture Database is a collection of links to streaming video lectures on subjects ranging from quantum mechanics to literature. The lectures are tagged to make them easy to search.

The WizzardWiki
The WizzardWiki is a power user's wiki- no stripped down markup here, just raw HTML, with real-time previews.

Hebbalicious is an experimental link cloud. Links get bigger when clicked, and anyone can submit a link. The cloud sorts out the rest.

Mac OS X Software
Lumox 2
Lumox 2 is a hypnotic arcade game inspired by Lumines, with silky smooth animation, over 30 minutes of music, complete synchronization between music and graphics, and thousands of visual styles.

Ultragroovalicious iTunes Visualizer
With its unique eye melting OpenGL 3D effects, Ultragroovalicious explodes the Mac OS X visualizer scene with fresh new styles unlike any before. Psychadelic imagergy from math magic reacting to your music.

Crystal Catastrophe
Crystal Catastrophe brings the gameplay mechanic from Super Puzzle Fighter II to the Mac, with a few additions, as well as a challenging 50 level puzzle mode.

Music Muncher
Music Muncher is a music-game plugin for iTunes. Flee the ghost and eat the notes, which react to your music.

Squishy Blue Bubble!!
Squishy Blue Bubble!! is a toy for your Mac OS X Dashboard. It is a squishy bubble that follows your mouse. The bubble bounces and jiggles festivley, using a complex numerical simulation of a network of springs, with accurate friction. Oooh, bouncy.

Fractals and More...
Real-time fractal programs, ray tracing, procedural graphics and other experiments (some with source code).

SoundKeyframe Tool
SoundKeyframeTool gets precise beat and timing information for songs. It can be used to create tightly synchronized audiovisual compositions, or to add custom music to Lumox 2.

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